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The Davlin Philanthropic Fund is a Socially Responsible Investment Fund with the mission of harvesting the power of mutual funds to create “sustainable giving”.  We believe that by creating a mutual fund where investors get all the returns and their favorite charities get a significant portion of the advisory fees, we have created a tool that can offer the average person measurable social impact without sacrificing returns. 

With the Davlin Philanthropic Fund, you don’t need to be rich to be a philanthropist.  Davlin Fund investors can make a 30, 40, or 50 year commitment to their favorite charities without sacrificing their savings or retirement nest egg.  So stop paying advisory fees to just the owners of the fund adviser and start paying them to your favorite charities.

Investors Receive:

  • The performance and structure of a diversified, S.E.C. registered, no-load mutual fund.
  • To retain ownership of their assets.
  • All the returns on the assets, less the fees that go to donations and asset management.
  • All inside a Socially Responsible Investment Fund with:
    • measurable social impact through donations to your favorite charities.
    • without sacrificing returns through limiting investment options.

Charities Receive:

  • A significant portion of the annual fees that normally get paid to the mutual fund management company.

The World Receives:

  • One more philanthropist.


  • Philanthropy - The love of humanity.
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